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BME capstone

our goal

BME Capstone at Georgia Tech provides an opportunity for biomedical engineering seniors to experience product development in the medical device industry. Students internalize all aspects of the design and development process from ideation to commercialization working towards functional prototypes that address the users’ needs.

four stages of the design process

how students and advisors work together

  • empathy
    Clinical Immersion
    Gain Empathy
  • discovery
    Identify User Needs
    Define Design Inputs
  • epiphany
    Generate Concepts
    Patent and Prior Art Search
  • assembly

advising a team

creating a small, passionate and powerful team.

The role of an adviser is to:

  • Help students fully understand a health-care issue
  • Participate in weekly communication
  • Provide design feedback and contribute to ideation
  • Assist with obtaining clinical access



Make a difference, mentor a small team of students and solve a real clinical need!


Our Partners

Partner with students and develop a solution that addresses an unmet clinical need.